About Fit4Life

Circle Pines and Lino Lakes Personal TrainerJohn Maravelas is the top fat loss expert and certified personal trainer in Circle Pines and Lino Lakes. He has several years of personal training experience as well as an impressive track record of results.

John’s motto is: Your workout doesn’t have to be work! If you make being healthy a lifestyle soon you don’t even think about the good choices you make, and even find yourself smiling during your workout!




  1. John has 4 years of personal training experience, helping dozens of women reach goals they never thought possible.
  2. Helped even more women become empowered to make healthy choices through nutrition and fitness coaching
  3. Has done numerous public speaking events, hosting talks on nutrition, maximizing your fat loss potential, and weight loss.
  4. Creator of the groundbreaking Rapid Fat Loss system


  1. BS in Kinesiology from Northwestern College
  2. Nationally certified Personal Trainer
  3. Certified nutritionist
  4. Nationally certified life & weight management coach


Kristine Maravelas
Kristine Maravelas (Kristine Schonthaler maiden name) is a massage therapist and yoga instructor who studied Health Psychology at University of Northwestern St. Paul (Northwestern College) from 2006 to 2009. She fell in love with stress management portion of her education. This then led Kristine to attend CenterPoint Massage and Shiatsu School & Clinic where she trained to be a massage therapist. Therapeatic massage has great benefits but Mrs. Maravelas wanted to learn more about specific stretches for the general public. All of her training as contributed to her deep understanding of the body.
Kristine Maravelas is now Yoga certified through NETA. She is looking forward to helping clients live healthier and happier lives through stretching.