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Come try a Saturday morning bootcamp! See some of the results from bootcamp below:
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*Because of the high demand please call to reserve your spot*
Time options are 8:00am and 9:30am (workouts 30 minutes long)
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Come to see for yourself what all the fuss is about! There is no obligation or commitment, just bring yourself and energy! To save yourself some hassle when you come in you can fill out the waiver right here (see below), or if you prefer you can fill it out when you arrive.

What is bootcamp?

Boot camp is a workout routine that is designed around group personal training. There are many variations, but at Fit4Life we specialize in maximizing weight loss. We have spent quite a bit of time researching and refining our personal training methods to make our boot camps as effective for fat loss as possible.

It started when I was testing out a new training program for my clients that not only burns more calories while they’re working out with me – but it keeps burning extra calories even after their workout.

Sounds crazy, right?

The post workout calorie burn is actually called “after burn” and it only takes place when a few critical factors are accomplished during the workout.

I won’t bore you with the details of the science behind “after burn”, but what I can tell you is that if these few critical things are done during your workout, then you can expect to have an elevated metabolism for up to 36 hours AFTER your workout.

Pretty sweet!

Now, just the “after burn” factor is amazing in itself because it’s almost like getting twice the workout results from each workout.

B-U-T I figured out a way where I can get my clients even FASTER results… and it has NOTHING to do with science.

Say what?!

Yep, this other way of burning more fat and getting faster muscle toning results has nothing to do with exercise science at all.

It’s actually all about human psychology…

See, what I figured out was when I train my client in a group setting they actually workout harder. (human nature is to compete I guess)

What if I don’t know what to do?

When you work out at our Circle Pines boot camp it is more than just walking into a fitness center, where you are just given equipment and told to “go at it” and figure out what to do on your own. Instead, we spend our time refining the training methods and coming up with new weight loss programs to get you the best results in the least amount of time.

Does it get repetitive or boring?

The best part about our new bootcamp is that the workout is never the same twice! There are a lot of fitness classes and personal trainers that put you through the same hard workout or a preset series of moves each time you work out. There is a big downside to this though: your body adjusts very quickly and you soon hit a plateau.

The best way to avoid this plateau is to change your workout. We focus on different muscle groups during each session and you will never repeat a workout while you are with us. Come try it today and see for yourself how quickly you can get results in just a little time!

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