Success Stories

Becky Loses 10 pounds in 5 weeks on Lino Lakes Fitness Training Program

Friday, November 14th, 2014

If you want to lose 10 pounds in just over 5 weeks like she did I think you might find what she has to say valuable. I’ll share one of the big keys to her success after. Here it is in her own words:

I am a realtor and I do the bookkeeping for Strauss Skates and Bicycles.  I am married with 2 teens.  I am a meals on wheels volunteer and I meet monthly with my mom’s group at church, so I was always limited on time.  I didn’t have very much energy and spent way too much time sitting at work and at home.

I knew I was carrying too much weight for my 5’3 3/4″ frame and had been wanting to lose weight for many years but wasn’t getting the results I wanted soon enough.  I couldn’t motivate myself anymore to try again, so I decided to give Fit 4 Life a try.

I’m 48 years old and I have plantar fasciitis, my knee caps don’t line up with their intended grooves, I have hip dysplasia and impingement tendonitis in my shoulder, so I was concerned this would be an issue.  I do have to modify my pushups but the rest have not been a real issue while working out.

I have lost almost 10 lbs in just over 5 weeks and 2 inches off my hips and 1 inch off my waist.  I know I have lost inches on my knees and arms as I have tracked them as well.  Even my shoes feel big!

I have more energy, feel better in my clothes and everyone is commenting on my haircut!  I think it’s because I’m eating better and looking better and that’s the first thing they are noticing. I am really enjoying making new friends, meeting new people at all stages of fitness and even enjoying the challenging circuits.It’s fun, it’s a quick 30 minutes and you are done!  You will start to feel great and then you can start doing 2 sessions a night!

Allison Iwan

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

Allison has lost nearly 80 pounds!



Hi. My name is Allison. My husband, Chris, and I have two fabulous kids, Max (16) and Isabelle (10).

I work full time and since my husband and I joined Fit4Life last June, I spend much of my free time here.

Chris found this and suggested we try bootcamp. We had never done anything like that before.

After the first session, he didn’t think I would want to come back. However, I loved the fast pace, the
variety, and the small, 30 minute, time commitment, so we have been regulars ever since.

Over the past 13 months, between bootcamp and nutrition planning, I have lost almost 80.

It’s hard work to lose weight and it’s hard to keep motivated, and
I had stopped working at it.

The odd combination of competition and teamwork works well for me.

To anyone considering trying bootcamp at fit 4 life I would say be serious. Be committed. Be prepared to work hard.

Do it.

You might find yourself choosing to spend your free time here.

Jessica loses 3.5% Body fat!

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

Check out this video of Jessica telling her story about how she lost 14 pounds and 3.5% body fat in just 6 weeks at Fit4Life!

How did you feel about yourself energy-wise and just in general before the challenge/starting working out?

Overall, I had little energy and would get tired out after doing exercises

2. What made you decide to join the challenge/start working out?

I wanted to get back in shape and lose some weight

3. Was there anything you were concerned about before you started?

I was concerned about whether or not I would like the program

4. How do you feel differently now after the challenge/starting working out?

I feel like I have more strength and energy overall. I am able to walk up a couple of flights of stairs at work and be out of breath

5. What did you enjoy most?

I like that the workout is only 30 minutes and that I felt good afterwards

6. What would you say to someone considering trying bootcamp at fit 4 life?

If you’re looking for a workout that is fun and quick, this is worth trying.

Nikki Koskela

Monday, May 13th, 2013

I am the mother of two young boys, a wife and I have a very full time career. Time is always something that has been very limited when it comes to me working out and taking care of myself. Oh, have I learned some great new things these past 6 weeks.

Starting out, I felt like a failure, like this 6 week challenge would not work for me because I have tried so many different things in the past and just have not been successful. Starting out I did not think I was capable of losing any weight, like it was never going to happen for me. I was low on self confidence, never thought I would be able to complete this routine a couple days per week, I was sore and did not know how I was going to make it.

My goals when starting at Fit 4 Life were to begin making nutritional and fitness changes and start transforming my so called life. I want to be a healthier and happier person.

Since joining Fit 4 Life I feel such accomplishment. Not only have I lost inches but this past week I finally hit my 20th pound lost and I feel so excited to continue on this journey and see what this new life has to offer me.

I never expected to feel so energetic and full of life. I thoroughly look forward to my 30 minute workouts and the motivation is so there to continue to make these changes. Each day my clothes are getting looser and I am feeling healthier. The nutritional and fitness support by John himself has been such a great resource and tool to have there every step of the way. When I started the challenge I was so completely sore I could barely walk up and down my stairs and quickly that went away when I continued my workouts and activity. As John always says “The best way to relieve the soreness is to continue your workouts” great advice and it works. Once we have finished a workout I feel such a sense of accomplishment and motivation and I am just excited knowing that I am making changes and I look forward to my workouts now. It is not a dreaded event anymore.

If you are thinking about trying Fit 4 Life… I say “What are you waiting for” come give it a try. The motivation and support is amazing. It is a life changing experience. Come be part of the Fit 4 Life family and learn to make the healthy lifestyle changes that you want to make. You will have no regret in starting this program.

Lori Dechaine

Saturday, February 9th, 2013

loriI asked John to help me get “swimsuit ready” for a vacation I had booked.  I am a regular at the gym, but I generally just focus on cardio and never really knew what other strength training exercises I could do to shape and tone my body.


Jason Hilger

Saturday, February 9th, 2013

I never set a goal, and I think this was one of reasons I was so successful. Rather than focusing on the large amojason_hilgerunt I wanted to lose I just took it one day at a time and changed my daily habits.

I was recommended for weight loss surgery by my physician, but after learning more about it I decided that I could instead lose the weight myself through lifestyle changes.